A German Twist on Thai Wine
 June 18 2012, 12:00

Click For Large ViewOne of Thailand's first winemakers was Prayut Piangbunta of PB Winery. After graduating from Weinsberg in 1978, he returned to Khao Yai to make his first domestic wines. The vineyards are at the foot of the mountains on the edge of one of country's largest and certainly most famous national parks, less than two hours northeast of Bangkok. Although his group had also experimented with vines in Chang Rai further north, and at even higher altitudes, the results were not satisfactory. In may be comparatively warm and humid here, but the weather is more temperate than further south and incessant winds prevent most fungus diseases. After having experimented with as many as fifty varietals, his focus today is on Chenin Blanc and Syrah, with the 2011 Reserve that we tasted from cask before bottling being my preferred wine. At 590 Bhat it is also fairly priced for this stymied market where import duties and excise taxes take much of the fun out of drinking…unless you smuggle (as the politicians and military do) or under invoice (as most importers do). Comments


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