Twelve 2008 Merlot at Logonovo
 February 28th 2013 22.13

Click For Large ViewA number of the journalists on tour were invited by Marco Keller to taste his first vintage of Merlot at Logonovo, an old house on a hilltop that he purchased on the slopes above Castelgiocondo in Montalcino years ago. To prove his mettle, he chose to show twelve 2008s, all Merlot, from the most renowned estates in Italy and the world. Some, such as L'Apparita, Lamaione or Tua Rita left questions marks abound. Others such as La Ricolma or Masseto largely deserve their reputation. Whether we, though, need Merlot from Tuscany or even the Napa Valley, such as the Pahlmeyer that he displayed, is another question. Comments


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