More to Life than Riesling?
 March 29th 2013 09.37

Click For Large ViewI did a seminar on German wines for 28 sommeliers at the Wine & Spirits Academy in Seoul last night and then had a late dinner at Vin-Ga with Hyuck Kim, who runs the wine bar pictured here - the Japanese architect who designed the place joined us for a glass - as part of the same Podo Plaza concept. Podo, like Putao in Chinese or Budo in Japanese, means grape in Korean. It was surprising for me to see how much genuine interest - and knowledge - there is for Riesling in Korea! I was first shown the 2009 vintage of the Omy Rosé, a sparkling wine reminiscent - in a way - of Moscato d'Asti made from an indigenous Korean fruit. For good measure, Hak Gyun Kim brought along two bottles to enliven the evening, a 2007 Wildenstein from Huber and 2005 Pruliers from Gouge. There is more to life than Riesling. Comments


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