Chantal on Wine
 May 30th 2013 17.17

Click For Large ViewAfter taking possession of my new flat in Shanghai yesterday, I had tea with Chung Chan (Chantal) Chi, one of China's few truly independent wine writers. Although she originally hails from Taipei, she has been living here for years and was the original editor of the Wine Press, now managed by Martin Hao, before choosing to step back into a freelance role that allows her more time for her books. She has also just opened a loft for education classes and tastings that generally feature some of the finest - and most expensive - wines available in China. As she never minces her words, she is not liked by all, but that fierce streak is also what makes her so charming. At present, she is also considering a new website, beyond, with a more international focus. In spite of the large circulation that some magazines have, that is probably the most effective way to distribute information here. Comments


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