Württemberg regional finals
 July 30 2011, 12:10

The regional finals for Württemberg took place yesterday, not in the royal family's grave chapel pictured here, but in one of the numerous seminar rooms at the university in Weinsberg. The light was perfect, the air fresh and the view out the large bay windows not so enchanting that it could distract from the tasting. Although 2010 was not an easy vintage anywhere in Germany, a number of estates here have made the best of it. In particular, it is pleasing to see  that a number of cooperatives are doing such dogged spadework, led of course by Untertürkheim, but with Cleebronn Güglingen now upping the ante as well. Not only do their finest wines give the establish nobility a run for its money, but their entry level offerings are quite appealing and cost only a pittance.

That said, in the winner's circle both Aldinger and Schnaitmann remain difficult to match in their respective disciplines. Only Neipperg among the rest seems truly motivated. Although a number of other estates are now taking Lemberger very seriously, it is unclear whether the local Riesling, which covers almost 20% of Württemberg's vineyard area, will ever be able to match those of the Pfalz, Rheignau or Nahe. Perhaps for that reason, most of the wine produced in the region is also consumed here. Demand in Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin remains mitigated. Export is by and large not even a part of their vocabulary. Humorously, though, Schnaitmann apparently sold 15,000 in the United States last year. Now most of that was an Evoé Rosé that, as he relates, the girls enjoy.  Comments


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