Silver Heights in Ningxia
 August 29 2011, 11:05

After the 'cool climate' event at the Four Seasons in Shanghai and a Japanese dinner with various importers, I was at Dr. Wines 'after midnight' with Campbell Thompson of Wine Republic and retasted (a bottle of) the 2009 Reserve from Silver Heights. I was pleased to see that this 'Bordeaux blend' was still as good in Shanghai as it had been in Ningxia when I tasted it there with Emma Gao, the winemaker. Her finest wine is named 'Summit'. I had tasted it again in Beijing at the Summer Palace with Krishna Hathaway. It, though, is made in even more minute quantities. That said, total production has grown from 3,000 to 6,000 to 9,000 bottles and this young lady, who studied in Bordeaux, has ambitious plans. Grace Vineyards will need to put on a warm jacket to best this competitor.Comments


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