German Grand Cru?
 October 15 2011, 12:56

Click For Large ViewAt the Churchill Bar of the Westin in Taipei, I spoke at a seminar and tasting of 'Grosses Gewächs' for key importers and journalists in Taiwan. Although the wines were more than appreciated, there was still a fair bit of head scratching before the sceptical voices begin to understand…if at all. They're right, though. Although trying to simplify things, the whole idea is still confusing. Why is there a 1 - it reminds them of 1er Cru - with a bunch of grapes on the bottle, but GG on the label? Yes, and why haven't they introduced a name to replace 'classified site'? Why is the Rheingau 'Erstes Gewächs' and the rest of the country different? These are all fingers in the wound! Moreover, I see ever more clearly each day that the producers must be careful in deciding what 'dry' should mean. 2010 was proof that 9 grammes was often too little. The consensus at the tasting fell to the Pechstein from Bürklin-Wolf. I did more or less the same presentation with Yu-Sen Lin and Kuan Me Chen at lunch yesterday. They found the Burgberg from Diel a touch more lively. Classical? Comments


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