Hermannsberg rises from the ashes
 November 10 2011, 13:30

Click For Large ViewOn my way back to Cologne from Mainz, I stopped in Niederhausen yesterday to visit Gut Hermannsberg. With Jacob Schneider next door, this is certainly one of the two or three estates best poised to give Helmut Dönnhoff, Werner Schönleber, Tim Fröhlich and Caroline Diel a run for their money. Where Jacob Schneider has always been a sure bet for Spätlese and Auslese, Gut Hermmannsberg places its focus on dry Riesling. Not surprisingly, the winemaker, Karsten Peter, comes from the Pfalz. The new Swiss owners have also slowly begun renovating this beautiful old property in a very restrained fashion. This may one day be a if not the jewell of the Nahe. Next time, I'll certainly spend the night at their charming guest house and knock off one of bottles that we left almost unsoiled at our tasting. It was, in fact, a lesson in humbleness for me. Although I have now tasted their three 2010 Grosses Gewächs four times since bottling, it was only yesterday that the sensual, but crystalline character of the Kupfergrube began to truly emerge. Mea culpa. Comments


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