Where Jades turns to Gold
 December 12 2011, 11:23

Click For Large ViewJade Valley lies about an hour's drive southeast of Xi'An at the foot of Qing Ling Mountains. The brainchild of Qingyun Ma, the dean of architecture at the University of Southern California, it is set in a location rich in history. At least six dynasties called ShangXi their home….and the path over the hills leads to Chengdu in Szechuan. It is a touch warmer here in winter than in ShanXi so that it is not necessary to bury the vines to prevent their freezing, but rains in autumn still take their toll. A 2006 Pinot Noir fermented in terracotta jars struck me for its character…and that is the varietal they want to push from now on. That said, this estate is also sourcing Cabernet in Ningxia and has begun planting there as well. There are a dozen lovely little rooms as a base to walk the mountains, and the budding restaurant touts numerous local specialities, but do it in summer. My feet were already cold during the tasting .Comments


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