Turning to Blaufränkisch
 January 12 2012, 14:00

Click For Large ViewIt was interesting to note that Gernot Heinrich is becoming ever more a purist. Blaufränkisch and the more traditional blends like Pannobile appear to be taking a larger part of his heart. Surprising for me was then to taste that while the some twenty percent merlot in his 2009 Gabrinza very clearly marked the style of that wine, the almost fifty percent in the Salzberg from the same vintage went almost unnoticed, as the savoury, liquorice aromas took the fore. Although we then drank a 2007 Salzberg with dinner, I understand his change of heart…and have the feeling that he would drop merlot if the region were to classify the finest vineyards on the northern end of the lake for the classical Austrian varietals as the seven leading estates in Styria have already done for their traditional grapes. Comments


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