Changes at the VDP bring Total to 195 Members
 January 17 2012, 17:30

Click For Large ViewThree further estates have been accepted as new members of the VDP, Germany's Union des Grands Crus: Boris Kranz from the Pfalz and two wineries from Baden, Markgraf von Baden and Heitlinger, which is now part of Burg Ravensburg. It went unsaid, and that is the major difference from France's system of eternal nobility, that part of this change involves 'retiring' producers who for one reason or another no longer fit the bill. Sometimes, as was the case with Heyl and Sankt Antony, Villa Sachsen and Schloss Wallhausen or the two Fürst Löwensteins in the Rheingau and Franken, it was fusion that reduced the number of active players. In others, like Biffar, it was the sale of the vineyards. However, Belz in the Rheingau, Liebrecht in Rheinhessen and Kreglinger in Franken are part of a cleansing process that other countries should emulate. Comments


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