2008 Barbaresco Pajoré from Sottimano
 August 07 2011, 10:15

Andrea SottimanoWhile in Piedmont, I sent a pleasant afternoon with Andrea Sottimano in Neive. Actually his cellars are closer to the famed Ribajà site on the crest of Barbaresco than to Neive, but a change in communal legislation landed him in Neive. He has long been one of my favourite producers in Barbaresco, but I am only now just beginning to discover the physical reality behind the nuances that we all sense when comparing Fausoni, Cottà, Curà and Pajoré. I have always had a preference for the latter two…and that was driven home when we tasted the four in comparison from the 2010, 2009 and 2008 to 2006 vintages. As my friends know, I prefer cooler, more classical years…and 2008 is certainly of this ilk. Whether it will be as stunning as 2006, which is still my favourite since 2001, I do not know, but a few bottles of the 2008 Pajoré will certainly find their way into my cellar.  Comments


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