Pinot Blanc or Pinot Gris?
 March 28 2012, 12:30

Click For Large ViewAlthough Pinot Grigio is the far more popular varietal, I almost always prefer the crisp purity of Pinot Bianco to the softer, often diffuse simplicity of the former, be it in Italy, Alsace or southern Germany. With smaller berries and thicker skin, it is generally more resistant to disease and rot than its better known brother and can mature in ways that few consumers expect. Today, I tasted the last four or five vintages in vertical Collio flights of Pinot Grigio, Pinot Bianco and Friulano with Carlo Schiopetto and his winemaker. Although I liked the youngest vintage of Pinot Bianco, the 2010, the most because of its brisk nerve, Carlo voted for 2007 and his winemaker for 2006. Questions of taste? Interestingly, at a conference earlier this year in Rust, I noted that the Austrians also see more future in Weissburgunder, as they call it. As an aside, I was truly impressed by the 2007 Friulano. It has aged gracefully! Am I becoming a fan? Comments


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