2009 Jia Bei Lan Grand Reserve wins Decanter Trophy
 April 10 2012, 13:00

Click For Large ViewLast night, I was at Veloce in Beijing, a new wine bar that Krishna Hathaway will be opening in Sanlitun village in early May. Everything was still dusty, and the glasses just out of the box, but we shared a bottle of 2009 Jia Bei Lan Grand Reserve that Matt Bahen from the Wine Republic hat brought to show. This is the Bordeaux blend from Ningxia that won the Decanter Trophy at their last challenge. Interesting, Krishna and I had met the makers of the wine at a dinner in Yinchuan a year ago comparing Silver Heights and Grace Vineyards. Only one thousand cases were made, not much for such a large country. A winery that makes less that a million bottles in California prides itself on being 'boutique'. In China? Comments


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