A Touch of Paradise in Hell
 April 20 2012, 13:10

Click For Large ViewTokyo is an expensive city. I spent over €100 merely on taxis today just trying to make all of my appointments of time. In that light, it is a pleasure to spot true bargains! I stopped by the recently opened Mosaique in Minami Aoyama in the course of the afternoon to meet its French sommelier, Xavier Faucher. He sells Bollinger's brut Champagne for less than €10 per glass or only €48 a bottle with full service at his bistro. Yes, it is a bit off the beaten track, and somewhat hard to find on the 4th floor, but comes highly recommended. As you can drink a good bottle here for the price or two poor glasses elsewhere, I'll certainly be back with friends. This is what the restaurant trade should be focused on doing! I accept that they earn money on the food they are serving, as they add value to a product that they are transforming. All they do with wine is pull plugs, pour and wash glasses. That can be done on margins that provide consumers with a sense of satisfaction, a rarity in today's gastronomic hell. Comments


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