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 June 06 2012, 13:10

Click For Large ViewYesterday, I was on the Saar. This time not to visit van Volxem, von Hövel or Egon Müller, but Tino Seiwert from Pinard de Picard, one of Germany's most individualistic mail order companies, at his cellars off the beaten track in Saarwellingen. He had, for me, kindly organised a blind tasting of, largely, things I know less, something I should do in this form far more often. Although not the best wine in sheer numeric terms, my favourite was a 2010 Morgon Côte du Puy from Burgaud. I even ordered twelve bottles for my own cellar. After years of taking any detour to avoid Beaujolais, I am again finding that the finest offer not only enormous pleasure, but also some of the best value for money! Comments


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