2005 Château des Brumes 'La Fleur'
 June 21 2012, 15:00

Click For Large ViewThe last stop on my tour of Thai wineries was at the eastern edge of Khao Yai at Wang Nam Khieo, better known as the producer of Château des Brumes, a Shiraz Cabernet that is one of the best and most expensive wines from Thailand, boasting a consumer price of €100 for the 2005 La Fleur, their flagship bottle. The farm has been here for 20 years, but they only released their first wine in 2002. At that time it was something more like a Beaujolais Primeur, but has evolved under Jacques Bacou from Château du Roc in Corbières into a more serious wine. I met Viravadee Cholvanich, the owner's daughter and managing director in the late afternoon. The vineyards around the winery have not performed so well, so the main blocks for Château des Brumes are now some twenty kilometres distant in better soils, which she calls Terra Rossa, and more temperate climate. I emptied the bottle of 2005 La Fleur after my host had left to bring the winemaker to the airport and slept like a child in their Swiss chalet to the sound of falling water. Apparently they do red wine massages as well, but my memories will be of another nature. Comments


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