Preaching to the Converted
 June 23 2012, 14:30

Click For Large ViewIn terms of wine, Vietnam is still an emerging market. Proselytising much beyond red, cheap and, preferably Chilean Cabernet, is still work best left to French missionaries - almost everyone in the wine trade here is from Gaul - like Warehouse, Bacchus, Vinifera and Daloc. A half step ahead is probably the Red Apron from Cellier's d'Asie, where I preached last night about temperance, virtue and unrequited Riesling. I am not certain that there were many converts, but the last bottle of 2005 Clos Sainte Hune found many admirers. Interestingly, the Italian presence, which is preponderant in Thailand, is almost non-existant here. The Pacific Rim, on the other hand, be it California, Chile, New Zealand or Australia, enjoys an impressive following. Comments


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